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Would it remain 4x or would it go even higher?

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What even is your question? You never even said it.
Pretty clear what it was though. :/

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Fire type moves would do 5x damage

4(super-effective damage) X 1.25(Dry Skin) = 5

It is possible for a move to do over 4x damage in certain circumstances, for example the use of Forest's Curse, which adds a Grass typing.
An example of this is Escavalier, who under the effect of Forest's Curse takes 8x damage from Fire type moves:
4(original super-effective damage) X 2 = 8

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Yes, a Grass/Bug/Steel type would have this type defense chart:

(1/8): Grass
(1/4): x
(1/2): Normal, Water, Electric, Ground, Psychic, Dragon, Steel, Fairy
      0: Poison
      1: Ice, Fighting, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Dark
      2: Flying
      4: x
      8: Fire