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I watched a blunder video (Agency Agency) with the Protective Pads Pheromosa. After this I decided to check the item out, and turns out the item is featured on Kangaskhan and Galarian Rapidash's Smogon movesets. Why? Its a pointless item to have, especially in a tier with no major Iron Barbs or Rough Skin usage (PU for Kangaskhan and ZU for Rapidash). And the abilities that may inflict status on the opponent, its high risk and not-so-high reward.


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It totally negates abilities effect such as:
Flame Body(PU kanto rapidash , prevents burns for kangaskhan and rapidash as both are physical attackers)
Rough Skin
Iron Barbs(togedemaru, sometimes may be crucial for finishing important Pokemon)
Tangling hair(alolan dugtrio {SPEED is important for sweeping})
Poison point(quilfish and rosalia, sometimes)
Static(all pikachu forms and riachu{again SPPED}),
Effect Spore(shinotic )
cursed body(drakcloak {important moves disabled = death})
items-poisen barb and rocky helmet

source : check abilities of some of these Pokemon - https://www.smogon.com/dex/ss/formats/pu/
Source of items - my experience

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there is still a possibility of a random trainer have rocky helmet on something like armaldo. you never know..