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A full list would be really helpful.

Item description: An item to be held by a Pokémon. These pads protect the holder from effects caused by making direct contact with the target.

I'm not gonna post this as an answer, but the only one that comes to mind are Rocky Helmet, Iron Barbs, & Cursed Body.

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The following items are nullified by the use of Protective Pads:

  • Rocky Helmet
  • Sticky Barb
  • Jaboca Berry (This might be wrong, I'm assuming this and this alone from the OR/AS Battle Mansion)

Source is Bulbapedia.

I am not sure if moves are affected by this, will confirm on PS! and edit in a bit.

EDIT: Tried it on PS!

Protective Pads prevent Baneful Bunker, Kig's Shield and Spiky from carrying out their secondary effects. Beak Blast is unaffected.

Source 2

Edit 2: Realized Beak Blast did not work because of Marowak's typing, so it works people, I got that wrong.

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It fully negates the effects of abilities such as:
Flame Body
Rough Skin
Iron Barbs
Tangling hair
Poison point
Cute Charm
Effect Spore
Also it is possible that it protects against cursed body but I could not find any evidence to support that.

Cursed body doesn't rely on contact so doesn't apply I believe
May be wrong ofc I am thinking it might negate since contact yikes cursed body is so rare there's no way to know for sure