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I have this good idea for an Unburden Sceptile which uses Fling with an Iron Ball and, if it does give the item to them, slow them down, as well as speed me up. Then, Acrobatics shenanigans. Anyway, do you give the opponent the item? I also just got a great idea of using Choice Scarf/Specs/Band.

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I'm pretty sure it doesn't...
But since I've never played a game with that move available in it, I won't swear to it.  
neither us nor bulbapedia has it as a listed affect.
I think it does only if the target has pickup and no held item.

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No. Fling does damage depending on the held item that the user has when they use the move, after Fling is used the item is gone, even if the target was protected by a move like Protect. However, the user will keep the item in online battles or in places such as the Battle Maison and Battle Tree.
When a Pokemon holds an Iron Ball and uses Fling, the power will be 130.

For a list of what items will do what amount of damage, you can look here
(I would post the Bulbapedia link because it doesn't require you to have to toggle the lists of items and the corresponding damage, but according to the website the page may be missing items.)

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