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I’m slightly insane. Also I’ve been flinging away some rare items and haven’t gotten them back. I was wondering what else there is to fling that would be totally stupid.

Note to mods: the question is not stupid, my intentions are stupid, therefore allow this question so I can fling my Salamencite out the window.

I want to know, items hardest to obtain, stuff that you can only obtain once that’s a pain to get. Stuff that sells for high prices at shops.
There might be event-exclusive items in Generation 6, but I don't know which ones they are.
Why the downvote?
Because it's a stupid question. There's absolutely no reason you should want to do this.
Yes. There is a reason. My troll YouTube videos.
I thought YouTube was banned in China? You have like a VPN or something?
Summer holiday is near and I plan on going to Hong Kong and back to the states, there I will make some fun videos.

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Here is a list of every item that can be flung using Fling. The most valuable item, by price, is a tie between Comet Shard and Relic Gold, which can each be sold for 30,000. Only the Comet Shard is legally obtainable in XY, though.
In terms of usefulness / difficulty to obtain, that’s a bit more subjective, but your best (or worst) options are probably something like Sacred Ash, legendary-specific items (Soul Dew, Griseous Orb, etc.), Discount Coupon (only obtainable through Global Link), or Mega Stones, especially Blazikenite, which is not regularly obtainable in XY.

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