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There are some banned pokemon episodes but I want to know why.I know one so far about "Electric Solder Porygon" that it gave seusures to many children in Japan but I want to know about the other ones and why there were banned.


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Two episodes were postponed in America because of the nine eleven terrorist attacks, they would be the episode where Ash finds Haunter in the haunted tower and the other had a Tentacruel destroying buildings, both episodes were later aired.

One more famous banned episode is "Beauty and the Beach" banned for James wearing inflatible breasts and sporting excessive cleavage.

Another more famous one is an episode where Ash and company go to the Safari Zone and team Rocket and the Safari Warden point guns and warning shots are fired, this was an episode featuring a Dratini.

Two episodes featuring Jynx was banned due to people believing that Jynx's appearance was a racist stereotype because her face was comepletely black and she has large lips, which is why now Jynx is purple rather than black.

One episode from Pokemon Advance was banned due to an earthquake in Japan and a Wiscash using the move earthquake.

Three other episodes were removed in Japan for the recent earthquake, the two part "Team Rocket vs Team Plasma" and "Hiun Fishing Competition! Fishing Sommelier Dent Appears!", all will be rescheduled.

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In one of the episodes, there was a projectile(a gun) pointed to Ash's head