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They seem different wherever I look. And why would they be different?

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Just to clarify, I mean the number of the episode.
Sometimes, they are defined by what order they come in in the particular series (for example, BW001, where Ash first travels to the Unova region). However, they are also defined by how the come in the total order, (the same episode is the 658th of the entire anime).
Thanks, but not what I meant. I've seen the same episode being, for example, 658, 659, AND 660.
What do you mean then INom
I think they go by S104, or episode 345, etc. They mark the same thing, but organizing  it differently
Nope. Some places say 601, some 602, and some 603 for the same episode.
It may be that an episode wasn't aired in a particullar region. If Ep 103 wasn't aired in Japan, for example, Ep 104 everywhere else would effectively be Ep 103 in Japan, which would follow on for the rest of the anime
Good thinking.

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Well it depends on what website you use. Some websites divide by season, so episode 28 of season 4 could also be episode 134 (I'm just making up numbers). Other websites use episodes that were shipped directly out of Japan, but were not aired in the USA, so if you watch English Dubbed or Subbed, they might have "bonus episodes" there was one episode where this guy had a gun, and that wasn't aired in the USA because of these stupid group of censorship people. So yeah but the numbering is normal like 1,2,3,4,5,6...etc

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