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I’ve just caught Cresselia and I want to use it for the Battle Tower (Pokémon Pearl), but it learns Psychic at LEVEL 91! I don’t have much money, and don’t want to waste my time gambling for 10000 coins. I also want it to have Moonlight, which it learns at level 57, so I think the training to level 91 would be the better approach.


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Psychic can be obtained in the Game Corner and can be found in Route 211 (Rock Climb is required). Source

Guess what? There's another Psychic TM. If you haven't already used this TM, then you can just level up to lv. 57 and be done with it.

However, if you have used this TM, getting Cresselia to lv. 93 is probably the better option. I assume you have to EV train anyway.

If you do decide to use coins, here's some ways to money farm in DPPt.

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I’ve already started hunting for a Lucky Egg to make the job easier, but I’ll look into money farming too. Thanks!
Glad I could help