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I don't like Regieleki and want a counter. I want to know if it gets light ball boost when and when not maxed.

There are far better counters to Regieleki than Pikachu. Pikachu is Untiered, while Garchomp and Landorus-Therian are very viable OUs
For VGC 21. I want a lightning rod pokemon and with Pikachu's GMAX move it's a decent support mon in general. Lando-T while immune can't protect other pokemon from it.
Raichu also has Lightning Rod, has more bulk, is faster, isn't Knock Off bait, and can hold items like Life Orb making it effectively stronger than LB Pikachu. Raichu has access to Nuzzle and Thunder Wave too, and lets you use another Dynamaxer

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The Light Ball (Japanese: でんきだま Electric Orb) is a type of held item introduced in Generation II. It boosts the stats of a Pikachu that holds it.

Light Ball works on Pikachu in general, not just its base form.

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