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I often use it in gen 8 1v1 and made it to the leaderboard. But in gen 7 1v1, I saw that is only A- rank. So how good is it?


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- Great 115 Defense and 130 special defense, combined with decent 95 special attack
-Tapu Fini's Water / Fairy typing allows it to be one of the best Mega Charizard X answers, as well as letting it take on other common Fire- and Dragon-types like Air Balloon Heatran and bulky Zygarde.
- It's bulk lets it take attacks from Landorus-T and Golem, while the ability Misty Terrain allows it to take on common sleep users like Vivillon and Jumpluff.
- Tapunium Z along with Taunt also helps it shut down common stall Pokemon like Chansey and Necrozma.

- Struggles with Pokemon like Mega Metagross, Ferrothorn, Mega Venusaur, Magnezone, Togekiss, and Zeraora because of their bulk or their super effective attacks.
- A Waterium Z set also has trouble with dealing with special walls like Chansey, Meloetta, and Mega Slowbro

Source: https://www.www.smogon.com/dex/sm/pokemon/tapu-fini/1v1/#!

So, I'd say Tapu Fini is a good Pokemon to use in 1v1.

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