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Tapu Fini often knows taunt and nature's madness, so it can usually damage my Pokemon faster than I can damage it while preventing my Pokemon from using healing moves. It has misty terrain, so I can't get it to switch into toxic. It often knows defog, so it's hard to beat using entry hazards. Its moonblast makes it impossible to 1v1 with Sableye, and its bulk makes it impossible to 1v1 with Dugtrio. According to Showdown!'s damage calculator, it's impossible to 1v1 with Gliscor, even if it doesn't know any water or ice attacks. It might be possible to 1v1 with Chansey, but every time I try, the opponent switches to something else. Can I do anything?

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Mind Reader + Sheer Cold Articuno. Completely foolproof.
What about switching out?
It's a joke.
I actually do use MR+SC Articuno. It's good in the Battle Tree, especially in doubles.
That's not stall...

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EDIT: I have found a much better, more OU-friendly solution.

According to the same damage calculator I used before, a Modest Mega Venusaur with 252 Sp. Atk EVs and no IVs can 2HKO a Calm Tapu Fini with 252 HP/252 Sp. Def EVs and perfect IVs using Sludge Bomb. This gets the job done faster than Lapras, and Tapu Fini's Moonblast is still a 5HKO at best.

Another good thing about using Mega Venusaur is if you are concerned about the damage Nature's Madness is doing to you, you can also 3HKO it with Giga Drain and get some health back.

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The problem I see with this is that Tapu Fini is in OU and Lapras isn't even ranked yet, but assuming it's similar to last Gen it will be in PU. Therefore it isn't the most viable answer in a competitive scenario as Lapras would fill no other roles on a competitive team.

If it's in-game then Go Lapras Go!!
You're right, I posted this bc it was the best idea I had at the time. Currently looking for a more OU option.
I really want to keep my mega Sableye, but I'll think about it.