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I'm running it on my Tyranitar in Gen 7 Ubers. My current Elo is 1066, I've noticed most low-ladder players don't switch very often and don't use Volt/Turn a lot either. Basically, what I'm asking is at what ladder rating do players start frequently switching?

Sorry if this is confusing or dumb

no exact answer can be given at what rank players start frequent switching, I do frequent switching and my opponents too and I'm 1560s so its safe to assume that it around there ,max -100 from 1500 i.e. 1400
although I'd suggest pursuit pridiction has very small niche in gen 7 ubers , I'd say just run crunch or something else thats  useful..
At around 1300. I know that from experience
Pursuit is a great move with +7 priority and doubles attack when the opponent is switching making it a fantastic move in the competitive scene. So here are two answers for you. Pursuit is mediocre in a play through due to its lack of damage and the npc’s never switch, but on the other hand it’s fantastic in competitive.
The question literally says pursuit is often useless in competitive. How do you know the question is wrong?
@Superiority Do you want me to put your question back on the unanswered list?
This isn't at all what i meant, but thanks for the answer anyway ShinyKing. Yeah you can put it on the unanswered list

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So, I tried to do some research for you on Google. No matter what I searched, I didn't get the answer. So made a new account on PS! Assembled a random team with pursuit ttar and started random opponent battles. As of now I am in 1390 rating and yes now people are frequent switchers. In fact, I won a battle because of pursuit. People become switchers from 1200 , not frequent though. And 1350s they start becoming freqent switchers. My advice to you is keep your ttar pursuit on hold until you reach 1350s. Get something else that's useful.
Source - as I told, low ladder battles I just had.
Hope I helped!

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I think this has some unaccounted for parts that tilt the answer. Using pursuit is just as much as a predict as using focus blast on spectrier because you know they are going to switch to ferrothorn to take the ko. Pursuit is helpful, but depending on how well you read, it may be more helpful(example: I hit every pursuit and take down their pokemon easily VS being incorrect every time and using 40 base power non stab dark moves against a pokemon that resists it)
That's true but when you know your opponent 90% probability is not gonna switch, it's better to not have pursuit in your small moveslot of 4. Even if they switch, you still get chip damage.
Pursuit is much less risky than focus blast, even if focus blast is 100% accurate. If the opponent is psychic or ghost type, and you use pursuit, then pursuit is always super effective, and there are some situations where pursuit is guaranteed to make the opponent faint no matter what the opponent tries to do. Regular moves like focus blast can be resisted if the user predicts wrong.
Thanks! Sorry I’m late