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Well, I was looking for Articuno's moveset in this site and Mind reader and Sheer cold were mentioned and Pokemaster said<>. Well, I know that some pokemons are banned (well, smogon has banned most of them, but OK) because they are extremly strong, but are there any move comos that are banned? If there are can someone tell them? (I was thinking about Torment/Encore, Double team/bright power/Sand veil(with sandstorm) etc.)

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Do you know about evasion clause?
Yes, I know that Double team is banned in competitive battle (and every accuracy/evasion move/item), but I think for move combos that are banned for very high power(which can OHKO any pokemon), or  moves that make the other use struggle, even if it hasnt used all its moves.
Does torment/encore make the opposing Pokemon use struggle?
I think Mr.Mime can learn them both.

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Today, I discovered that using sky drop and then gravity is a officially banned pokemon national move.


Then they're probably more! (And you could possibly find them on bulbapedia)

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