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For example, Cinderace gets a bright idea and you turns against Moltres and gets burned. When it switches in later it's gonna be a fire type. If it uses pyro ball, will that ball's damage be halved? And even if it stays as a fire type, will it still take burn damage?

Pls use U-turn, not you turns, as many may get confused (including me :P)
I actually typed it with the letter "u". Blame the site for auto correcting it not me. I'm even surprised myself that it turned into "you"
Hey type it as "Uses U-turn" instead of "u turns".. Then it maybe better.
It would probably be better that way but I'm too lazy to type in the - sign as its out of the way
I assume it was just a typo, but double check it please.
The exact same thing happened to me once. So sad

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Yes, the attack is reduced. You can see it in this replay.


At first, Cinderace did 24% Damage to Volcarona and got burned, and at the second time Volcarona recieved 12% damage, showing that Atk has been reduced.


Note: Burned Pokemon's Base Power of physical moves is halved, not the atk stat.

Hope this helps :)

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How? If a Cinderace uses U-Turn it changes to Bug-type and thus it can get burned by Flame Body.
Oh yeah didn't observe!
Glad it helped :)