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I'm kind of confused on this. Burning Jealousy burns Pokemon that gained a stat boost on that turn. Since Imposter allows Ditto to transform into the Pokemon it's facing, does that count as gaining stat boosts on that turn if switched in on a Pokemon that has a stat boost? If so, does that mean Imposter Ditto can get burned if it switches into a Burning Pokemon from a Pokemon that has stat boost, such as Imposter Ditto switching into a Burning Jealousy from a +1 defense boost?


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It doesn't

Tested through a replay too, which would count as a Source also!!!

The logic behind this, I guess, would be that the Ditto is copying boosts, and not gaining it's own boosts. If some Pokémon gained it's own boosts, then it would be burned asap.

Hope it helped!

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Ok. Thanks. :)