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I'm guessing it doesn't transform, but want confirmation.

This is an awesome question. Only problem is that almost everyone who sees this has already beaten the game and very few people would restart just to answer that.
multiple accounts can be made on a switch, so you don't have to restart your main adventure.
Exactly Molthree. I would've done it myself, but I don't have a switch.

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If you send out an Imposter Ditto against Eternamax Eternatus, it will transform into a regular Eternatus. Since eternamax is just gigantamax, transform or imposter work differently. I guess the game just really doesn't want you to have Eternamax Eternatus.

Source timestamp 6:15 he(PokeTips Mike) starts talking about it.

Also, hacking your game to try and catch Eternamax Eternatus sometimes results in this.

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I've seen that video too. That's nice, but since hacked Pokemon games may show unusual results often, I'm not sure whether it would actually transform into regular Eternatus in the actual battle. I mean, the Eternatus he caught in it changed into a regular one. I wouldn't be surprised if the Ditto transformation was accidental.
And is Eternamax really just Gigantamax?
yes deathrider, think about how gigantamax works. it makes the pokemon stronger and changes its form. also, in a separate vid by mike, he tried this and failed. so yeah.
Eternamax is different from Gigantamax in the way that it changes base stats other than HP.  :P
Eternatus can’t even Dynamax, but even if it could, the result wouldn’t be anything close to Eternamax. :P
Exactly what staka said
Why don't you just transform your ditto to regular eternatus and press dynamax
because... you can't.
Eternatus doesn't have the option to Dynamax, in Max Raids or anywhere else. It's impossible to press the Dynamax button with an Eternatus in play.