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I just found out eternatus has over 1000 base stat in eternamax form and I wanna get it. But it can’t even dynamax. It also looks really cool (like yami from okami). I don’t use any hacking devices so if there’s no way to get it let me know

You can catch it.
Not it's G-max form, though! Those stats are WAY to absurd for it to actually be obtained in-game.
You can catch it even in it’s Eternamax form. Watch Poketip’s video called, “ What Happens if you CATCH and USE Eternamax Eternatus in Pokemon Sword and Shield”
that vid was using hacks to get it in it's eternamax form

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This is impossible, unfortunately. Eternamax is completely unobtainable within the game. The only reason that it's stats are so high was because of the fight with it. A let down, I know.

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Aaw man :(
It stinks, I know.
You're*. They're talking about the buffed up Eternamax form, there's a difference.
Yeah the hand form
Normal Eternatus is still good too. It's base stat total is 690. Although, comparing it to Crowned Zacian and Zamazenta, it's an astonishing 720 Base Stats!