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Isn't it, when it Eternamaxes, supposed to be the strongest Pokemon ever, stronger than both Zacian and Zazmenta, and having the highest BST by a staggering 400+, and yet, when it eternamaxes, it has 100% catch rate, and in it's regular form, which is still incredibly powerful, it has the highest, non 100% catch rate, a catch rate of 255. Why is this, if it's one of the strongest Pokemon non Eternamaxed, and the strongest Pokemon when it is Eternamaxed? Did they just want to make him really easy to catch so it wouldn't end up killing all your Pokemon in one hit(this could be it, though I'd still like an answer)?


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You need to catch it to progress with the game.

Imagine how annoying it would be to keep chucking balls at it again and again, and it won't get in the ball, so you just can't continue with the game. The developers must've taken this into account by making it incredibly easy to catch.

Additionally, as you catch it while it's Eternamaxed, any ball will work, thus reflecting the high catch rate. In raids you host, every Pokemon is a guaranteed capture with any type of ball.

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Sniped D:
I wish they made the catching part of the Eternatus fight more like Xerneas and Yveltal if they were just going to make it easier. At least back then, those two could actually escape from a Pokeball and still be easy at the same time.
As a matter of fact, if you have zero pokeballs when defeating eternatus then the game will give you one
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So first of all, as you know, you don't catch eternatus in its eternamax form. You catch it in its regular form. Anyways, so it is essential to the story to catch it, because then people cheer you on for "saving galar" and so on. The game even gives you a free pokeball if you don't have one when you're told to catch it. Thus, game freak wanted it to be caught so the story makes more "sense".

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