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So I have been reading something about Battle Bond. And I've read that nothing could copy, nor replace Battle Bond. Then, after that I was thinking, would that mean that even Imposter Ditto can't copy it?
Also could you please note if you could make an use of the Ability or not.

And, now we are still here, can Ditto Transform to Ash-Greninja after Greninja has fainted an opponent? Or does it fail? I mean, if Ditto can Transform into Arceus, and Omastar, why couldn't it transform in a Pokémon that's owned by an @$# that's mean and probably mistreats all his Pokémon lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLclP0MczWk

That's all!

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If Ditto transforms into Greninja with Battle Bond, it copies the Greninja's current form (either standard or Ash), to include the ability slot, but that ability cannot be functional for Ditto. If it copies standard form and then gets a KO, it cannot change forms from there.

The note about "can't copy Battle Bond" refers to moves like Entrainment and Role Play. Battle Bond is one of a class of form-changing abilities, along with Zen Mode, Stance Change, Disguise, and so on. Form-changing abilities are considered essential to that Pokemon's function, so the game gives them special deference by making it impossible to overwrite those abilities with something else, and just as impossible for other Pokemon to use those abilities for themselves.

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