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What about Gigantamaxed opponents or Dymamaxed Zaican/Zamazenta/Eternatus? What happens if the transformed Pokemon tries to Dynamax afterward?

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I once attempted to use a ditto against a Gigantamax Snorlax in a raid. It turned into a regular snorlax, even after dynamaxing. Don't know what happens if its with Imposter.

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If a Pokemon uses transform,it will transform on dynamax Pokemon but it won't work on gigantamax Pokemon.If it has imposter,on dynamax Pokemon,it will turn into for example:You are battling a Dynamax Orbeetle.You send out a ditto with imposter then, it turns into an Orbeetle that is not dynamaxed.But if you are battling an Eternamax Eturnatus with a ditto with imposter,it will turn into normal Eturnatus.

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Thank you! This is my very first time answering someone's question!
On Youtube,search for (poketips)Just in case you didn't know okay?
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