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Sorry if this question sounds dumb, but I usually don't use Ditto so I wouldn't know about its information when it is in battle. Does the move Transform take the opponents ability as well its move pool? Does the same happen for Imposter? How does that work if Imposters ability is to transform into each new pokemon it is faced against?

The Move **[Transform][1]** Does Not Take The
 Opponent **Ability** The Move **Transform** Only

Changes the user's Current Type, Current Stats, Current Stat Levels, Current Moves, Current Species, Current Cry, and Current Catch Rate to that of the target's.
And Yes If **Ditto** Has  The Ability **Imposter**
**Ditto** Gets The Moves Of Which Ever Pokemon
 You Choose But  You Can Only Choose What Pokemon
You Want Ditto To**Transform** Into Is In **Double/Triple**
Battles Hope This Answers Your Question;)

I love Weird things ***¯(°_o)/¯***
  [1]: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Transform_(move)
I am pretty sure it does copy the ability. According to the discussion page someone's Limber Ditto used transform and got paralyzed, thus meaning that it lost Limber.
From Nothing I Read It Copy Ability.But If You Find something Feel Free To EDIT: It In:)
I also know for a fact that Imposter copies ability from PO testing.
i already answerd

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transform definatly copys the ability because when my ditto transformed he got paralised, then whan he got back to ditto it said "limber cured paralisis". And yes i do belive imposter does thet two.
SOURCE:Personal expereance