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i've seen the word used on multiple questions but I can't seem to grasp the meaning of the word.


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Eviolite is a hold item in Generation V that boosts the Defense and Sp. Defense by 50% of Pokemon that can still evolve, such as a Dragonair, or Magneton.

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that explains things. i still haven't purchased black or white version. thanks for enlightening me.
Ohh, that's why!
No problem than!
Yeah........ Still dont get it

I cant stand all the science talk
It makes your pokemon's defenses higher, letting them better withstand attacks. The catch is that the pokemon has to be able to evolve. Pokemon like rhydon, quilava, and pikachu can use it since all of them can evolve. Rhyperior, Typhlosion, and Raichu couldn't use the evolite since none of them are able to evolve.
Yes exactly as DT said. As long as the Pokemon holding the item still has another evolution chain ahead of them, they will gain a 50% Defense and Sp. Defense boost.