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Can Ash Hat pikachu hold the Eviolite and get the defense boost like when it holds the light ball it gets the attack and sp.atk boost?

At least you can use the light ball that came with the World Cap pikachu

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The Eviolite (Japanese: しんかのきせき Evolution Stone) is a type of held item introduced in Generation V. It boosts the Defense and Special Defense of a Pokémon that holds it if the holder is not fully evolved.

Cap Pikachu cannot evolve with a Thunder Stone into Raichu. Since Eviolite only affects Pokémon that are not fully evolved, this means Eviolite will fail on Pikachu. At least you can still use the Light Ball.


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Male Salandit, Combee can hold Eviolite for a boost. But they can't evolve.
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RedJirachi said:
Does Eviolite work on Cosplay Pikachu, Ash Hat Pikachu or an unevolved Pokemon at Lv 100 that requires evolution via level up?
It does not affect Ash hat Pikachu, Cosplay Pikachu and Eternal Flower Floette. It works for all other unevolved Pokémon regardless of level.


Hope this helps! :)

i was about to say what about partner eevee/pikachu but there's no held item in those games