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Wild Pikachu in Viridian Forest have a 5% chance of holding a Light Ball. You have to use a Pokemon who can steal items from others with moves like Trick or Switcheroo. You could also use a Pokemon with the ability compound eyes to raise item holding Pokemon by 30%, but this isn't 100% necessary.

Source: Serebii and prior knowledge.
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The only know trainer's pikachu is Reds.
Yeah but that battle is a one-time thing at the end of the game, and it might be a lot harder to steal an item from a level 88 Pokemon. I feel it'd be a lot easier to just get one from a wild Pikachu.
I believe that having the ability Static up front instead of Compound Eyes would overall give you a better shot at a Light Ball, but that's just me.
Oh you mean to actually find a Pikachu? Yeah that makes sense, because static gives that 50% chance to battle electric types. Also, Compound Eyes raises the chance by 50%, not 30%, my bad. Either ability works honestly, but I guess if you go off percentages, static would be just slightly higher.