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Which item would be better with this Pikachu:

Pikachu w/ ____
Electro ball(crazy high speed)
Reversal(for when it is at low hp
Iron Tail(power)
Grass Knot(ground/rock types are heavy, super effective)

Which item would be better?


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By the set, you are going for an all-out attacker, so Light Ball is best. Eviolite is for more bulky Pokemon, like Onix. Pikachu's defenses are awful, he can't tank a hit, even with Eviolite. Even worse is that most Pokemon carry Earthquake, and a few (most notably Garchomp) can outspeed and KO Pikachu. The moveset is good, but Reversal is bad, as Pikachu will be OHKO'd by the first attack that hits. Give it Knock Off for more reliability. Overall Pikachu is a fast sweeper, like a weaker Deoxys Attack, only Electric type. He can be outspeed, however, so watch out for that. Good luck with your pikachu though ;)

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Light Ball
Pikachu is to frail for eviolite to work.
While Light ball doubles its attack and special attack, which is great with its speed.