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Hi every1
im building up a team and i want a good fighting type in it...
im thinking of either scrafty or a mienshao...
which 1 should i use?
suggestions please :D

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It depends if you want a defensive or attack pokemon.
Scrafty is very defensive and has decent attack and Mienshao has very good attack but bad defenses.
When it comes to weaknesses both are very equal.

But personally I would go for scrafty since scrafty is also dark and then you get better type coverage.

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Not to mention the speed factor between the two. Mienshao has way more speed than Scrafty. Speed is critical depending on how you make your team.

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They both have same base stat but Scrafty has a larger type coverage and Scrafty
learns a better move-set than mienshao.

Hope this helps!

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