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I really need one.
Infernape @ Sash
252 Atk/252 Spd/4 Hp
Jolly nature
Iron Fist
-Thunder Punch
-Fire Punch
-Close Combat

Scrafty @ (Suggest an item here) ???
252 Atk/252 Spd/4 Hp
Jolly nature
-Ice Punch
-High Jump Kick
-Dragon Dance

Rest of my team:
Greninja (Special)
Infernape (Physical)
Noivern (Special [Life Orb Modest no Draco Meteor])
Aegislash (Physical)
Blastoise (Special)
Rhyperior (physical)

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maybe I should answer this? Other answer's aren't bad, but I love these questions.
So do I, that's why I answered.

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Infernape vs Scrafty

Infernape is more a physical sweeper, used to sweep teams with strong STABs such as Close Combat, Flare Blitz and a priority Mach Punch.
Infernape has the ability Iron Fist that power up all punch moves, great ability for him with a STAB Mach Punch for revenge kill.

Scrafty is used to Wall and resist some pokémons. It has decent Defence and Special Defense, knowing Rest and having great abilities to decrease attack such as Intimidate or to increase attack such as Moxie. Shed Skin is a great ability to but I don't like it, you can use it to prevent status-problems. Dragon Dance or Bulk Up are needed for is set. Has great moves such as Head Smash (recoil hurts), Drain Punch, Hi Jump Kick, Crunch.

Both are physicals while Infernape is weak to water, ground, flying and psychic and Scrafty weak to fight, flying and fairy.
In your team, Infernape's weakness are covered by Greninja/Blastoise, Rhyperior, Aegislash.
Scrafty's weakness are covered by Aegislash and Rhyperior.

The movesets

Infernape is a perfect set. Jolly and Life Orb great combo with Iron Fist and some punch moves.

Scrafty if you want it to be a physical dragon-dance sweeper, go with Life Orb and had Drain Punch over Hi-Jump-Kick, if you want to remain your set, Life Orb is a great item for use.
If you want it to resist some attacks, then use Intimidate ability + Dragon Dance with Drain Punch and Rest, having 252 Sp.Def / 128 Def / 128 HP. You can add Toxic for beeing more annoying.


If you want a special sweeper, go with Infernape. As alot of speed and attack.
Like I said, Scrafty hasn't the best Attack but has great Defense and Sp.Defense.

Hope this helps.

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+1. But on bulky pokemon, I usually go 252 hp and 128 Def and SpD to balance it out. Good though :D
Itc, Put 100 ev's on Special Defense as with Assualt vest it doesn't need more
"Both are physicals " This is wrong.Lots of infernapes are mixed or even fully special.
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Right, lets get started!

Overall, Scrafty and Infernape are very different. Scrafty performs wall, or setup sweeper whereas, Infernape is a lead usually mixed.Most Infernapes, are physical, but some are mixed and setup stealth rocks.Scrafty, on the other hand, usually run dragon dance and 3 attacking moves.

Infernape pros,

  • Immunity to Will O wisp

  • In UU, Forretress is common so Infernape can completely shut it down.

  • It has the ability iron fist and thunder punch and fire punch.

  • Brilliant offensive typing in fire/fighting.

Infernape cons.

  • Frail as paper.

  • He doesn't have the best offensive stats and nasty plot his is only boosting move so either way he gets killed quickly.

  • More weaknesses than scrafty

Scrafty pros.

  • Really good bulk

  • It has dragon dance.GG if it gets these up.

  • Because of dragon dance, it can use an item such as leftovers.

  • Great abilities

Scrafty cons.

  • With lots of W-o-Ws and thunder waves flying round in UU, he has to run shed skin or lum berry.

  • In UU, he is used less than Scrafty, so I suppose he is better?

  • He has worse offensive stats but dragon dance cancels that out.

Of course these are just the pros and cons, so it's entirely up to you.Personally, Scrafty seems better.Also, Scraftys ability should be shed skin and its item should be leftovers.

Hope I helped!

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Infernape's attacking stats are far superior as all rounder comparedto Scraftey.
Well yes, but compared to the rest of the metagame, they are pathetic.