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He isn't a Dragon type...

Lapras learns Dragon Dance too... weird
Why not?
(Game Freak logic)
Most Pokemon learn lots of weird moves, like how Scrafty can also learn rain dance and grass knot. Why aren't you asking about those?
I mean, pokemon is literally animals that have magical powers, so I don’t see a point in trying to say “why can this do that” when there are pidgeons that can bring heat waves in Pokémon.
my point exactly
Do not try to understand Pokémon.
Why does Gyarados learns Fire Blast?
Why Scyther can't learn Fly but Doduo can?
Why Wooper learns Ice Punch without hands?
Why Sudowoodo is Rock Type?
Pokémon doesn't make any sense.
Sudowoodo's type makes sense because the Pokedex says Sudowoodo is only pretending to be a tree.

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Well its not game freak logic. As wrritten here in breeding section, one of its egg group is dragon along with field. It also has the hidden ability intimidate, and dragons are intimidating like salamance has that ability too.
Because this is supposed to be a evil kicking brute, they couldn't fit dragon typing in him. Also he learns dragon claw and few other dragon type moves to show he could have been a dragon type.
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Well, I had an idea after seeing sumwuns comment.
It appears it also learns rain dance. Simular to dragon dance isnt it? Also, it has the dark type, as well as having loose skin that looks like baggy pants. I (personally) feel like a street dancer would be dark type if it was typed, and it's baggy pants are kind of what I personally imagine one to wear. So, maybe it's a street dancer, and because of that, can learn dragon dance. (Again this is more of a theory but I thought it was worth mentioning)

hmm good theory
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In B+W Ash's Scraggy gets easily overexcited and dragon dance is described as a 'vigorous' dance and this would fit with Scraggy's character. It would make sense for Scrafty to learn it since it is Scraggy's evolution.

Dragon type moves are thought of as raw magic and Scrafty can learn other magical moves such as rain dance, sunny day, zen headbutt, focus blast, Dragon pulse and dark pulse so it would make sense for it to learn Dragon dance.

Lastly, Scrafty is partially based on some sort of lizard or snake; it sheds its skin. Snakes and lizards are commonly associated with dragons.