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My buddy has a perf IV Scrafty with the moxie ability and is jolly natured. He's running dragon dance on it, so I want to know, what will Scrafty outrun at +1? Not specific Pokemon, just by base speed Ex: base 55 Scrafty at +1 outruns positive natured base85s and neutral natured base 90s. <that is obviously made up, ofc, so please help me.


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236 is Scrafty's max speed.

236 x 1.5 = 354, meaning 355 is the minimum needed to out speed.

Hawlucha w/ a Flying Press to the face will sort Scrafty out.

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Soo...to be clear...base 118s and above out speed +1 Scrafty everttime?
Sorry I was a bit confusing; I said base stat when I didn't mean to; I meant max speed. Base stat is not what you look at, because nature and IVs come into play; you need to look at max stat.

E.g. http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/hawlucha - you look at the number on the right of the green bar, not on the left. That's the way you can tell for sure if a Pokemon can outspeed another. Hawlucha will only outspeed Scrafty if it has perfect speed IVs and Jolly (not sure about Adamant nature).
If you need the base stat, maximum speed base 112s will speed tie it, while everything base 113 and above will be faster. This requires full Speed EVs, perfect Speed IVs and a positive nature.
Thanks fondant and fizz. U guys shoulda posted an answer