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I have tried digging ma but she is too unreliable and random. Can you buy it with watts or get it more likely to appear in raids?


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Max Raid battles give you a lot of Ore, but they're a bit tedious to get through. You can alternatively try Digging Ma again, though you said you didn't like that method. They can also be found as random items in the Isle of Armor, though this is a bit tedious as well.

All methods are slow and annoying, so good luck.

Hope I helped!

Oh my gosh I type slow.
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There are 3 main methods for farming Armorite Ore.

Max Raids
3-5 Star Max Raids have a chance to yield 1-3 Armorite Ore. Combine this with Wishing Pieces and you get a very efficient methods.

Digging Ma
While inconsistent, it can usually yield 1 Armorite Ore. If you want more, just save before asking the Digging Ma to dig for ore.

Randomly Finding it On the Ground
Basically what the bold says. This is by far the least efficient method, so I wouldn't use it.

Max Raids are by far the best method to get Armorite Ore as it yields the most and isn't extremely unreliable.

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