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I bred my shiny machamp in Pokemon X. I recently moved it into my Pokemon home and to Pokemon sword. In order to use it in ranked battles I have to forget all its moves and relearn them. One of those moves is bullet punch which is an egg move it learned back in Pokemon X. Machamp can still learn bullet punch in Pokemon sword but only as an egg move. I'm afraid if I forget bullet punch I would never be able to remember it. So, am I okay to forget it or will I not be able to relearn it?


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I should probably explain the mechanic that can allow your Machamp to re-learn Bullet Punch.

Starting in SwSh, if two Pokémon of the same species (not just evolution family) are in the day-care, one knows an egg move, and the other has an empty move spot, the other also learns the egg move.

So get a Machamp with Bullet Punch and have an open movespot on the shiny. If both are in the day care, the shiny will learn Bullet Punch eventually.

Hope this helps!