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I worked hard to finally beat Kukui and finally beat the game, then, I went through the incredibly long cutscene, only to be forced into the battle with Tapu Koko, I then proceeded to accidentally one shot him with Earthquake, thinking that a level 60 ledgendary could survive one super effective hit. I stressed and pressed the power button to retry getting Tapu Koko, I turned the game on and I am back in the Elite Four room, standing right next to Kukuis active portal(this is where I last saved) Do I have to do all that over again?!

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Yes. You lost the save data of fighting him, so you would have to do it again.
Source: logic.

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Ah, man, I was hoping it auto saved when I became Champ. Ah well...
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If you are there, you are most likely to fight him again.