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There is a girl that stands for a door in the pokémon mansion what is that?

Please help!!!

I'm guessed that you were talking about the Old Chateau.

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"The western and eastern exits of the mansion are blocked by the maids. Neither of these doorways are functional, and only serve as decoration, as players with Action Replay have proven."

That means If you use Action Replay to walk through walls, you can enter the blocked rooms but Is only a decoration, nothing special inside. Quote by Bulbapedia and I hope this helps.

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yea that are the old chateau ghosts, but this is about the mansion of mister blackott.
Anyway, thnx because this is another question of mine.
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but the west side you can battle maids
Yea, but you can't enter the room they come out from.
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There's a rumor that he keeps a dead bodies in both rooms but it doesn't show them since it's a kids game.