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İts litterally the cutest Gen 4 Pokemon. Why does it have Intimidate? I know Luxray makes sense but Shinx doesn't.

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İ couldn't tag shinx for some reason so i tag luxray :(
The obvious reason is that Luxray has it.  It's very rare for an evolution chain to change Abilities (though it does happen), so because Luxray has it, so to should Shinx.

Though, that would have been pretty neat, having Shinx get Cute Charm, which later turns into Intimidate when it evolves into Luxio.

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Here's an example. This is a nile monitor, a fearsome predator but modest in size compared to most mammalian carnivores. Yet these lizards will frequently chase lions off their kill just through intimidation alone. Intimidation doesn't require sheer strength, only the appearance of it, or even merely a bluff.
Shinx's access to Intimidate seems to imply that the mane that its evolution line possesses makes it look scarier than it actually is.

That pretty much sums it up. To be intimidating, it isn't necessary to be big or strong, but just an appearance or possessing a skill to intimidate others.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/4rd83k/intimidate_shinx/

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