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Hello Pokemon Fans!
My Problem is the following:
A few years ago I made myself a Cute Charm File in Pokemon Diamond (Gen IV) to farm some Shinies.
I recently came back to Pokemon and my plan was to RNG Abuse Shiny Eggs to get some cool Pokemons:D
I just cant remember my old SID since I had it on my old Phone D:
As far as I know I need a legit Shiny from the game(if I dont want to drag my File on my PC).
Are the Cute Charm Glitch Pokemons considered legit Shinies for the Secret ID?(For example I caught the lvl 70 Heatran as a shiny with the Cute Charm Glitch)
So my Questions is could I max him up to lvl 100 to find out the SID of my Cute Charm File and continue breeding shinies?

If there are any Misunderstanding feel free to leave a comment!
Thank you in advance


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The only way to find your EXACT SID is through cheats and hacking like an Action Replay.
Source: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ds/925601-pokemon-diamond-version/answers/56176-how-do-i-find-my-sid

However, there is a way to get a range of 8 different SID's through deduction. To get this, there are 65536 SID numbers and 1/8192 chance to find a shiny. 65536/8192 is 8. Now for the process. However, you need to catch a shiny, not cheat it in or anything like that. This is because we need to find the Personality ID number of the Pokémon, which hacking affects. Now, get a whole bunch of Rare Candies and level the Pokémon up with those Rare Candies, the Pokémon can't have any EV's. Now, find an IV Calculator and use those Rare Candies until it gives you an exact IV value, no range. Now, go to a Personality ID Calculator (There is one on Seribii if you want) and enter the IVs and Nature and it will get a list of possible Personality IDs. Choose the correct one. Note that it will give 3 methods, and if it gives multiple possibilities for the same method, you will have to do this entire process over again and get the Personality ID that gives you the same SID at the end. Once you have the DEFINITE Personality ID, go to a Secret ID calculator on Seribii and the values it wants. Refer to my Source (1) for a more detailed explanation to enter the SID. This will yield the range of your SID, 8 values. Remember when I said that a Pokemon could yield 2 of the same ID Values for the same method? If this was the case, repeat entering your ID and the Pokemon's SID and look for a corresponding value(s). That is your SID/range of SIDs.
Source: https://forums.serebii.net/threads/find-your-secret-id-without-cheating.386016/

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Hi man thanks for in -depth guide!
So youre saying that i cant get my exact PID by using the IV'S of a cute charm shiny?D:
And what about RNG abused Shinies from the Egg PID Method that i used some years ago?:D
Ty <3
You can get your exact PID using Cute Charm shiny because it isn't hacked into the game, however, it may require 2 shinies depending if you can get a concrete PID off of the first shiny.  And the RNG Egg Abuse still works, so here is a guide if you want it.  Also, could you click the green checkmark next to my answer if it helped?
Guide for RNG Egg Abuse: https://www.smogon.com/ingame/rng/dpphgss_rng_part1
Hi J thanks for the answer!
And sorry for my late response D:
I tried getting my PID with the IV to PID Applet, but sadly id doesnt give me any information after i typed down the IV'S of my lvl 100 heatran( same for 100 raticate caught with the Cute charm glitch+ both of them dont have any EV'S)
EDIT: IV to PID applet found a Method 3 for my Shiny raticate(cute charm shiny lvl 100 from pokemon diamond)
But it seems like method 3 is for Gen 3 and not gen 4 and i cant find out the proper SID by using Smogons Binary codes :/
With the SID i get by using Method 3 i get the correct nature most of the time but i cant breed any shinies :/
Thank you in advance !! <3
Any Idea for that ?
If you dont think that you can help me thats ok aswell :)
I'm sorry, but I honestly don't know.  I've looked into it and can't find anything.
Ok still thx for the Effort :)