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I got my numbers but idk how to tell if they’re compatible or not

TID: 62396
SID: 29654

According to Pandora’s Box, my Seed is AC0F153B

My shiny starters ESV/TSV (idk if this is needed or not): 4109/4109

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i figured it out and my tidsid cant, but if someone still wants to answer go ahead
im gonna reset pokemon diamond until i get a combo that works
get a cute charm Pokemon, encounter several million wild Pokemon, and check whether more than 1/8192 of them are shiny
I think questions on the unanswered list are unresolved regardless of how old they are, so these comments should not be hidden just for necroposting.

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When Cute Charm works in those games, it does so by setting the top three bytes of the four-byte PID to all 0s. This results in an ESV that can never be higher than 31, so if your TSV is higher than 0031, you'll never get a match with any of those manipulated PIDs. 4109 is right out.

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So if I can score an ESV lower than 0031, will the cute charm glitch work?