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I'm trying to poach some Audinos so I googled this up and all I could find is that to make the shaking grass appear, I just have to walk around. I did this for about ten minutes but nothing happened. Am I missing somewhere here or does this game just hate me?

If you walk in tall grass for at least 10 mins and don't get anything, probably RNGeus doesn't favor you, since it's completely random outside of that and you haven't missed anything else
You didn't answer the question
"A phenomenon can be randomly triggered whenever the player takes a step in an area"
That's how a Rustling Grass occurs.
he asked if he was missing something or doing something wrong but go off i guess
Yes it does? How is giving tips not answering the question? TY's answer also listed RNG.
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Hi! I played through Gen 5 like a champ, so here's everything I know, and hopefully you can troubleshoot!

  • Pick an area where there's no water or caves. In my experience, you can't have water bubbles/ground bubbles and shaking grass at the same time. If this happens, leave the route and re-enter, or just pick another area altogether
  • You can't find shaking grass in double battle/dark grass, unfortunately.
  • Sometimes the shaking isn't noticeable. Turn on your audio so you can hear it :D

Other than those two things, I think that's it. Every other grass I've managed to get shaking before. Leave the route to refresh every once in a while just in case. Other than that, just bad RNG.

Good luck!

Source: I'm a Gen 5 stan

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Strange. I could have sworn you already answered a few hours ago. Thanks anyway. God the rng
I did lol, i tried converting it to comment to see if it'd remove my first downvote, but it didnt work sksksk. I had to repost
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Just run around the area until you see a Rustling Grass. This might take shorter or longer depending on the RNG.