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My regidrago has a razor claw and then it uses focus energy. Does it give regidrago a guaranteed crit chance? Also I have heard another user say critical hits avoid attack drops so I would be able to use draco meteor very nicely . Is this true?


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Your thoughts are correct. For Focus Energy, it raises the critical hit ratio by 2 stages. For a Razor claw, it boosts the stage by one.

From this, and the Critical Hit probability chart, you are guaranteed to hit a critical hit every single turn. Hope this helped!

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Thank you but what about the other part of the question?
From the critical hit source:

> From Generation III onwards, when a move scores a critical hit, the attacker's negative stat stages, the defender's positive stat stages, and the defensive boosts from Light Screen, Reflect, and Aurora Veil are always ignored. However, the halved Attack from burn is no longer ignored.

So, yes. :P
Thanks. That’s great :D