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I only know that Crown Tundra and Isle of Armor are expansion packs for Pokemon Sword and Shield. However I do have some additional questions

  • For Pokemon Shield, are you allowed to have both at the same time? Or only one?
  • Is Crown Tundra specific for Shield, and Isle of Armor specific to Sword?
  • Is there any one that's better?


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You get both of these thru the expansion pass. Once you buy that, you will have access to both ioa and ct. They are both for swsh and not exclusive to one version. Ioa is expansion number one while ct is number two. Since they are both different expansions, neither is better than the other since you will have access to both anyway

The only thing you need to know is that there are Pokemon who will be exclusive to sword or shield even in the two dlcs

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So if you buy the expansion pass, you get both of the packs? Thanks!