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Is it when you interact with the statues, when you enter the cave, when you solve the puzzle, etc?

Oh great question I'm shiny hunting the regis I need this answer too
why dont you just look at youtube videos of people shiny hunting them and see where they are soft resetting at
Well the shinyness is either determined when you interact with the statue or you see the Pokemon. Either way it doesn't really matter, but I don't want to answer because somebody will give a more factual answer than me

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Like most every other Pokémon, the Regis’ stats and shininess are determined when the battle starts, so you can either do the puzzle once, save in front of the statue, and SR until it’s shiny, or you can do the puzzle, encounter, run away, then do the puzzle again each encounter. I personally used SRs to hunt Regieleki, but I’ve seen some people say that it’s faster to hunt it using run aways, since SRs take so long on the Switch. Both methods work for shiny hunting them.

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I do run away when I'm only doing the hunting but sr when I'm watching YouTube or something