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Basically I'm trying to farm Max Mushrooms and I was wondering how often they spawn. The student who makes the max soup says that if you play max raid battles, max mushrooms will grow in forests in caves on the Isle of Armor (e.g. forest of focus, brawler's cave, etc.). What I want to know is, how exactly does this work? Is there a mathematical formula that determines whether max mushrooms spawn after x amount of max raid battles? What are all the factors involved?

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They spawn by beating Max Raid Battles.

More specifically,

“You can find Max Mushrooms from Courageous Cavern, Brawlers’ Cave, Forest of Focus, and Warm-up Tunnel areas on the Isle of Armor. Every time you complete three Max Raid Battles, a Max Mushroom will spawn in one of those areas.”


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Oh okay thanks! Guess I need to stock up on wishing pieces then.
do online raids count towards spawning these shrooms?
I’d assume so, but I’m not sure
I mean, that would explain why I found so many in one day that one time I actually tried looking for some. Most of what I do is raids online