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I am at the dojo in the DLC of Pokémon Sword. I am told after defeating the Tower of Darkness on the Isle of Armor, that Hop will show up at the Dojo - He has not. Mustard just says "wait until next step".
So I looked online for answers and everyone says beat the game first. Lol, I have defeated Leon before ever coming to this Island. So what's the issue? Please don't say beat post game, that is a troll answer. I HAVE BEAT THE GAME BEFORE THE DLC.....thanks

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Try the forest on the Isle of Armor. He might be there, but I don’t 100% recall
@Alpha He shows up at the dojo, the forest is later

@OP After you got Zacian, did you go back to the Altar in the Slumbering Weald?
I know a lot of people didn’t go there straight away. Accidentally went there and I found Hop. Battle him there then go to the isle
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Go back to the Slumbering Weald. Find the Altar, and you’ll see Hop. You talk, have a battle, win, and make Hop depressed. After that, go back to the Isle of Armour dojo, and he’ll be there.

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