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Coz i get a togepi with hustle T,T

I mean is there a way, a pokemon might effectively use this ability?

P.s please with moves

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To clarify Darth meaning, because of Hustle's Accuracy drop, Hone Claws resets the Accuracy drop and add more attack power, but keep in mind the fact that Hustle boosts only Physical power, not special, so for your instance, it would be rendered useless on your Togepi, because Togepi and his evolutions specialize in the special side.

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thats why im crying T,T and btw thanks for the explanation :D
My Special Attacker Corsola has Hustle... Life is tough.
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I use Durant with Hone Claws, Stone Edge, X-Scissor and Iron Head

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Where do you use the hustle ability?

I mean "use" is like water absorb that heals u if hits by water type