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I just breeded a togekiss and it hatched as a shiny togepi. It's my very first shiny. The problem is that I really want to use this shiny on my competitive team, except it has many flaws.

It has the following flaws:

Nature: Lax (+Def, -Sp. Def)
Ability: Hustle
IVs: Not sure

Is there still any possibility that this Pokemon will be useful in competitive battling?


PS: I'm also going to Ev train it with 252 Speed, 252 Special Attack, and 4 HP, due to the difficulties of this Pokemon, I have decided to choice scarf it with the following moveset:

-Air slash
-Aura Sphere
-Grass Knot
-Shadow Ball

I also checked the type coverage of this moveset, and it got 553 Super Effectiveness and 221 Normal effectiveness (with 0 Immunity and 0 Not very effective).

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what gen is this in? if its in four, you could do something with skill swap and swagger, though im not sure if it can learn either. its not the best but it might work.
Good idea, and use ability capsule to get flinch hax from air slash

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It can be useful in competitive battling, but the trained Togkiss will almost always give an overall better performance.
So it's always better to train a Pokemon in IVS,EVS, level, abitlity before getting it into competitive battling.

Source : Experience
Hope I helped!

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I'm sorry to mention this but that Togekiss sux.
•For one thing, lax is definitely a useless nature as SpD is it's second highest stat and reducing it isn't recommended. And natures cannot be changed, so your best bet would be to masuda another togekiss so you get the one you want and also with the correct nature (everstone breeding) and Ivs if possible (Ivs don't make a big difference tho)
• Secondly, hustle is a stupid ability for togekiss as togekiss is a special attacker and not physical attacker, but this isn't a big issue due to the ability capsule.

Hope I helped :)