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go to http://en.pokemon-gl.com/ create an account then in your game put your pokemon to sleep
( must be in pc) then go to http://en.pokemon-gl.com/ and log in hit dream world at the bottom and wait while it loads info click continue and 2 lefts is the dream bridge and you will see a arrows clicking it will send you in that direction. finally playing games with pokemon make them want you to be there friend
at the tree of dreams you give it one berry to bring any pokemon you have found back ( this pokemon will have the dream world ability. go back to your house and on your friend list click the one you want hit power off and it will say wake up pokemon hit yes go on your ds go to extralink and find your pokemon north of were you begin.

your welcome ill edit if you need more info ':) to put your pokemon to sleep select game sync the middle button on your pokegear remember your will need wifi to put a pokemon to sleep

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My brother tucked in his Reshiram and he didn't even have an account.