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What about if your opponent lowers the stat of a Pokemon, then that Pokemon Baton Passes to a Pokemon with Defiant? Or what if you use Psych up on an opponent who used Close Combat? Or what if you use Imposter Ditto on a Primeape with Defiant that has -1 in both defenses because it used Close Combat? And what if the foe has lowered stats and they use Power Swap on you? Will any of these things activate Defiant? also, will a -2 or -3 stat drop raise attack by +4 (for -2) or +6 (for -3)? Bulbapedia says Attack will raise by two stages for each stat dropped, but I am wondering if that means individual stats or a stat dropper of -2 or more will also activate Defiant for each stage that stat is lowered.

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This is a complicated question, why r u asking?
I have heard that the baton pass doesn't activate defiant. I have looked it up & only moves like tail whip that lower a stat will activate it. Defiant raises attack by 2 stages if a move has been used to Lower a stat ( including attack) unless it is like close combat, where user lowers one of their stats. It won't activate if an ally in triple double battles lowers the pokemon using the ability's stats.

This is what I have found about the ability hope it help :)
I am asking because I don't know the answer to it. I'm not going to waste the time of people by asking simple questions that are easy to find the answer to. This question will require testing and searching. also, stop answering. Your answer doesn't really answer my question.
If I can get someone to test this with, I'll answer it.

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Whew, Finally I tested this and found out, that ....

Defiant will only activate if your stat is directly lowered

Meaning, That if its baton passes, Psyched up, Power swapped, any of the above, it won't activate it, it has to be directly lowered by the pokemon.

-I Did test this.

Also, I just want to say this was a very interesting question to test and answer.

And the Multiplier is

+2 stages for Every 1 stage Dropped.

Thanks. I have one more question though. What about burn and paralysis?
Those also don't affect it,

And is it just me or do you always seem to have another question afterwards? XD