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Okay, so I'm making this team, and I have a pokemon with Defiant.
In these sort of battles, pokemon with Intimidate are likely to appear. And when stats are lowered with Defiant, its Attack raises. But what if its the Attack thats being lowered? Would the 2 abilities become neutral; as in it would be lowered and then raised back up to its previous condition? Can someone please explain this a little further?

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>Defiant raises the user's Attack stat by two stages for each stat lowered by an opponent, including the Attack stat.

>This includes the Attack stat (whereby one stage negates the drop so the wielder only gains a one stage boost)

>Since the Stat has to be lowered first, Defiant would activate after Intimidate, so it would be +1 Attack.

Source: Bulbapedia, Smogon & Experience

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Intimidate backfire!
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First, some insight about each ability.

  • Intimidate: When brought into battle, it lowers an opponents Attack stat by 1 stage
  • Defiant: When any stat is lowered, its Attack raises by 2 stages

In this situation, Intimidate will lower your Attack by 1 stage. Then Defiant will kick in and boost your Attack by 2 stages. -1 + 2 = +1 which means that the Pokemon with Defiant will have +1 Attack at the start of battle.