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Will it give you Max Atk, +6? Or will it give you +5 Atk?
Same with Intimidate and Anger Point.

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>Belly Drum deducts one half of the user's maximum HP from its current HP and, in return, it maximizes the user's Attack stat by raising it up to +6 stages, even if the user's temporary Attack bonus stages were below 0 prior to using Belly Drum.


>Anger Point maximizes the Attack stat of Pokémon with this Ability when they are hit by a critical hit.

In short: the attack will be maximized.

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It Will Increase By 6, Still even though Intimidate Has
Happened. It Is Because It MAXES Out Attack, or else it's not worth
it losing The HP For the Move.

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Don't Ask About The Pichu Special Effect Thing ...
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Yes for +6, regardless of the stage:


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