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I am going up against my friend & I am trying to go against his starter but I don't know what the best way to counter the starters are. I know the best way is probably use a stronger pokemon type wise, but I'm not sure what his starter is, we haven't seen each other for ages. What could be a way to go against the starter that is strong against yours.


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Serperior is pathetic without Contrary. Send in a Grass type to protect against Leech Seed. Ferrothorn is going to resist everything Serperior throws at it, especially since it will unlikely have HP Fire due to it being hard to get ingame. You can then use that time where Serperior can't hit to get in Curse, or set up Entry Hazards if you bred for them. Gyro Ball can then KO Serperior when you are done with Curse/Entry Hazard.

Emboar is best taken down by Chandelure. Flash Fire protects you from its Fire attacks, and Ghost typing protects from its fighting type attacks. However, it will likely have Rock Slide or Head Smash. As such, give Chandelure a Choice Specs and hit hard with Psychic.

Samurott doesn't really require much thought to take down. I'd just use Jellicent, which is immune to Water type attacks thanks to Water Absorb, resists Ice, and resists Bug. You can then hit Samurott hard with Energy Ball.

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Serperior: Volcarona is the best being able ohko after 1 quiver dance with STAB

Emboar: Bulky waters for example: Swampert, Milotic, Vaporeon

Samourott: big hitting grass and electric types like Sceptile and Jolteon should work just fine