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I made a bet with my friend that I could beat Pokémon Fire Red while only using normal items in trainer battles except Poke balls. Yes. No repels. Anyway I beat brock and went into Mt Moon. I went down to the floor where you can only find paras and, being the idiot I am, decided to hit one of them with a scratch from Mankey, which paralyzed it. Half my team was in bad shape so I went up to heal. I came back in to be greeted by a level 8, female zubat. The next step, I encountered the same one. Level 8, female. I kept taking steps, and on each one, I encountered the same, level 8, female, Zubat.(I guess this is what I get for not reviving the helix fossil in my last playthrough). Jokes aside, why am I encountering the same, level 8, female zubat every step I take in Mt moon?

Edit: Ok I've re-entered the cave and something very weird is happening. I'm trying to get to the Pokemon center and every step, instead of a zubat, its a weird question mark inside a black circle and a white circle (I think, I can't remember it fully from memory). Please tell me what happened and how to fix it. If it helps I am playing on GBA.

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What happens if you leave and renter the cave?, or save and power off?
Are you sure your game is legit and not a fake?
yes I am very sure. I've been playing this for years and have had no major problems like this until now
And you never used any cheats / hacks and nobody hacked your game?
I think your odds are just below 0.01% a very rare phenomenon or a glitch with your copy.
How old is your copy? Did you buy it on Ebay?

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instead of a zubat, its a weird question mark inside a black circle and a white circle

You mean this? This is practically the Missingno. of Gen 3. Your gamefile is probably corrupt; if you start a new game it should (hopefully) be fixed. I have no idea how to fix it other than starting a new save. Obviously, try turning off and on the gameboy first. Since you're just at Mt. Moon, thankfully you aren't that far in the game and can get back in a few hours. Good luck.

(Let me know if you want a different answer or a different solution and I can hide this, but I honestly think this is your best bet)

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Yes that's it. I just started a new file and nothing out of the ordinary is happening. I'll get to Mt. moon and select your answer if its fixed.